Prof. Boying Ma

Graduated from the Second Military Medical University of Shanghai Department of Naval Medicine; In 1978, he passed the national examination and became the first graduate student after the Cultural Revolution of the Chinese Academy of Traditional Chinese Medicine (now known as the Chinese Academy of Traditional Chinese Medicine). He received a master degree.

He is a member of the Chinese Medical Association, Chinese Association of Chinese Medicine, member of the Chinese Association of Chinese and Western Medicine. He served as the deputy director of the Shanghai Medical History Society. He taught at the Shanghai First Medical College (hereinafter referred to as the Shanghai Medical University, now the medical school of Fudan University) and reconstructed the Medical History Teaching and Research Office. He was the director and founded the school history exhibition hall. , Associate Professor, Professor, Member of the Academic Committee of the University, etc. He was also appointed as honorary member of the Expert Committee of Shanghai University of Traditional Chinese Medicine and Shanghai Institute of Traditional Chinese Medicine.

In 1985-88, at the invitation of Dr Joseph Needham (1900-1995) in 1993, he went to Cambridge, England, to collaborate with Dr. Needham and Dr. Lu Guizhen. He participated in the writing of “The History of Science and Technology in China”. The sixth volume of the medical volume was selected as the New Hall and Hughes Hall at the University of Cambridge and the Visiting Academician at the British Academy. It was included in the DICTIONARY International Biography Dictionary at the Cambridge International Biographical Center (CIVILIZASITION IN CHINA). OF INTERNATIONAL BIOGRAPHY) AND < MEN OF ACHIEVEMENT>.

Since 1995, he has practiced medicine and trained Chinese medicine doctors and graduate students in the U.K.

He was elected Life-Fellow of Royal Society of Medicine in 2005.

He was appointed Professor of Emeritus at the French University of Paris, Pobigny Medical School. The University of Cape Town awarded an honorary doctorate. Founding of the UK Graduate School of Xinglin Graduate School of Traditional Chinese Medicine, visiting professor at the University of Kingston, UK, consultant to the Confucius Institute of Chinese Medicine at South Bank University, Heilongjiang University of Chinese Medicine, Yunnan University of Traditional Chinese Medicine, Hunan University of Traditional Chinese Medicine, Nanjing University of Traditional Chinese Medicine, Beijing University of Traditional Chinese Medicine, etc. Visiting Professor, Honorary Visiting Professor, Chinese University of Hong Kong.

He is the chair of the Federation of Traditional Chinese Medicine Practitioner, and is currently the executive chairman of the All-China Federation of Chinese Medicine Experts, chairman of the British Association of Chinese Physicians, general counsel of the All-China Federation of Chinese Medicine, executive director of the World Federation of Chinese Medicine Societies, and a member of the World Federation of Teachers. Gautou’s first mentor, a consultant for the Chinese Overseas Chinese Unified Promotion Association of the Chinese, a consultant for the Chinese Traditional Culture Research Institute in the UK, a consultant for the Shanghai Shanghai Friendship Association and the Zhejiang Association.