Zanyu Chen

Zanyu Chen comes from a family with long history of Chinese Medicine and is whole heartily devoted to the traditional Chinese medicine, philosophy, and culture. He believes the traditional system of medicine does not only help the modern society to combat the diseases, but also gives great alternative solution for the modern challenges such as enviormentel crisis, to keep the Chinese Medicine in practice and develop has the great value of the modern era.

Zanyu Chen graduated from Beijing University of Chinese Medicine in 1992, obtained bachelor’s degree of medicine and lectured in BUCM for 8 years. As the president of FTCMP, chief editor of the Journey of Chinese Medicine in the UK, he believes the Chinese Medicine should not be dismembered, without the thoery of Chinese Medicine, acupuncture could not be the great healing art anymore. As the professor of Nanjing University of Chinese Medicine, he works passionately for passing the authentic medical system to the students, buildng up the bridge to connect the East and West, the modern and tradition