What We Do

Our Purpose

The main purpose of FTCMP is to promote and strengthen industry self-discipline and self-management in the Chinese medicine industry in the UK, provide academic and clinical exchanges for traditional Chinese medicine practitioners, including Chinese medicine and acupuncture, traditional Chinese medicine, and cupping and cupping therapy, and implement continuing professional education in Chinese medicine.

Helping British Chinese medicine practitioners improve their academic and clinical curative effect, improve the overall clinical service quality and curative effect of the Chinese medicine industry in the UK, prevent clinical practice safety risks, promote the clinical application, research and inheritance of Chinese medicine treatment methods in the UK, and promote and win over the United Kingdom. The health and benign development of the pharmaceutical industry promotes the use of high-quality clinical standards of Chinese medicine to serve the health and well-being of the British public.

What we do

  1. Make full use of the annual academic annual meeting, the association member network exchange platform (“British Institute of Chinese Physician member home WeChat group”) to conduct various clinical lectures on clinical and safety of Chinese medicine, member clinical difficult case discussion, with Promote and strengthen academic exchanges between members of the society, and provide ways and means to focus on intelligence and experts to discuss cases of clinically difficult diseases, help members of the Association to improve academic and clinical levels of Chinese medicine, enhance members’ right to know about the affairs of the society, and promote membership. Participate in conference management.
  2. Through the annual “Summer Workshop”, share the clinical practice of traditional Chinese medicine practitioners inside and outside the sharing sessions, and strengthen the clinical safety technical standardization training of Chinese medicine acupuncture, cupping, Chinese medicine, etc., and help the members of the Association to improve the clinical efficacy and The level of safety, safety and security practice.
  3. Through the academic exchanges of the academic journal “British Chinese Medicine”, the Society’s website, and the network communication platform (“UK Academic and Clinical Wechat Group”), we will promote the association between Brothers Society and practitioners of TCM, the Society and others. Professional contacts and academic exchanges between the National TCM Association, the international Chinese medicine community, and world-famous Chinese medicine experts and scholars.
  4. Through the website of the Society, WeChat Group and other channels, the latest contents of the academic activities of the Society and the new academic progress of Chinese medicine will be announced at the first time, and the association will be strengthened to connect with the public from other sectors who are concerned about our association and British medicine.
  5. Through self-management, the Society will examine members’ academic and clinical levels of Chinese medicine and their ability to practice safety, and supervise and restrict the practice of members of the Association so as to ensure that members provide safe and beneficial services to the public.