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We are part of nature, just like herbs.
Nature nourishes us, supports us and heals us.
To find the healing way from the nature is the ART which grows with enthusiasm, focus, devotion, logic, analysis, intuition and sensibility.

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Special Treatment Licensing Exemption

Our members are entitled of the Special Treatment Licensing Exemption within the 33 London Boroughs:

City of London, Barking and Dagenham, Barnet, Bexley, Brent, Bromley, Camden, Croydon,...

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Faculty Members

陈赞育 CHEN Zan-yu 学会会长 President

陈赞育,1992年毕业于北京中医学院中医系中医专业,留校工作,2000年出国前为北京中医药大学基础医学院中药教研室讲师,现任英国中医师学会会长,《英国中医》杂志主编,世界中医药联合会执委,《European Journal of Chinese Medicine》杂志主编,英国丹黄中医书院创始人之一,院长,在欧洲的多个中医学校担任教职教授中医学,并在多个英国侨界文化协会担任公益职务。


几十年坚持继承挖掘传统中医,并乐于交流分享,希望我们祖先的伟大创造能够泽被苍生,无远弗届。同时兼容并蓄,中学为体,凡有益有效之法、方皆愿涉猎,借鉴共赢而绝不迷失!坚信善言天者,必应于人;善言古者,必验于今。天心不因科学转,和同自然入妙门。 观复方见万物是,天道无亲与善人。

Zanyu Chen comes from a family with long history of Chinese Medicine and is whole heartily devoted to the traditional Chinese medicine, philosophy, and culture. He believes the traditional system of medicine does not only help the modern society to combat the diseases, but also gives great alternative solution for the modern challenges such as enviormentel crisis, to keep the Chinese Medicine in practice and develop has the great value of the modern era.

Zanyu Chen graduated from Beijing University of Chinese Medicine in 1992, obtained bachelor’s degree of medicine and lectured in BUCM for 8 years. As the president of FTCMP, chief editor of the Journey of Chinese Medicine in the UK, he believes the Chinese Medicine should not be dismembered, without the thoery of Chinese Medicine, acupuncture could not be the great healing art anymore. As the professor of Nanjing University of Chinese Medicine, he works passionately for passing the authentic medical system to the students, buildng up the bridge to connect the East and West, the modern and tradition.

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