FTCMP Introduction

Introduction of Federation of Traditional Chinese Medicine

The Federation of Traditional Chinese Medicine Practitioners (FTCMP) is the banner which was established in 2002 to strive for a legal status of Traditional Chinese Medicine, Registered No. 5221073.

It is an independent registration of TCM physicians to promote the very best of TCM treatment. We responsibly provide services to the majority of patients in the United Kingdom. They are receiving the trusted experience, theory and wisdom from thouands of years of history of TCM clinical practice, observation and thought of hundreds of generations of TCM doctors that direct our efforts. We rely on the theory of TCM and its culture and have the cultural confidence to establish an exchange platform for Chinese and Western medicine.

TCM is China’s original scientific medical system. During more than 5,000 years of practice its unique theory and significant effect has been proved. This great scientific medical system that can serve patients is singular in the history and status quo of the ancient and modern world. After its movement toward the international community in the 1970s, TCM has increasingly been accepted by different countries and has received recognition and universal praise. Learning Chinese medicine while promoting TCM has become wonderful work in the international medical community.

This is our mission.

We must not only be good at clinical practice but also treat different diseases with individualised diagnosis, treatment and personal speciality. Guo yu said “The healer is all about understanding”. I say “The healer is all about thinking.” Good at thinking, there will be good ideas.

With good ideas, there will be a good solution. Make accurate diagnostic conclusions and find the best treatment guidelines and methods. The ancestors created the theoretical basis for us. We use TCM theory to give acupuncture or TCM prescriptions and use according to the individual characteristics of patients, then finally implement treatment for patients. This is the core of TCM differentiation. Guo Yu and Sun Simiao advocate that doctors should be good at thinking, inspiration and then arrange their own adaptations after practising. Inherite the ideology of our predecessors, then advance, innovate and create.