Bing Sheng YUAN

YUAN-Bing Sheng, Chief TCM Physician, Professor of Shulan TCM College, he is also Executive Vice President of European Association of Jingfang TCM, and Vice Chairperson of the 1st Board of Formulas of World Federation of Chinese Medicine Societies,a member of Editorial Board of Journal of Chinese Medicine In The UK,  and member of The 1st Editorial Board of TMR ( Traditional Medicine Research), and member of Editorial Board of International Chinese Medicine Culture,etc.

1987 He had study acupuncture for 3 years (full time) from Si-Chuan TCM College, and then He started his clinical practice, now he has had around 30 years clinical practice experience, include 6 of years part time studied for Undergraduate in Chinese Medicine, and 2 years part time studied for Graduate students in the combination of Chinese and Western medicine, etc. 2003, he had pass China national TCM examination and then got Director of Chinese Medicine tile. When He worked in TCM hospital in China before 2007, he also training the acupuncture and TCM medicine doctors for a few years.

He own plenty of TCM acupuncture and TCM medicine clinical experience such as the field of Internal, External, Dermatological, Gynecological, Pediatric, Neurologic Disorders, Mental, Muscles and Skeleton,etc. He have published 60 TCM articles in last 22 years, he has had Invited to conduct dozens of academic lectures in various countries and internet in last a few years.