FTCMP Council

The members of the Council are elected by the general assembly for a term of two years. The FTCMP Council members can be re-elected upon election by general assembly. The resolution of the Council was passed by a simple majority. Each member holds one vote. The Council may formulate rules of procedure, financial rules, and “membership practice rules” as a supplement to the statutes in accordance with the work and management needs of the society.

The Council is composed of the President, Executive Vice President, Vice President, General Secretary, and Directors of each Department. It is the decision-making and executing board of this society.

The President serves as a legal representative and an external representation society (if necessary, the president may temporarily designate one of the council members to represent the society temporarily).

President: Chen Zanyu (t:07886421868);

Chair: Professor Ma Boying;

Executive Vice President: Yuan Bingsheng (t: 07868363286);

General Secretary: Xi Ke Ying;

Vice President: Vice President: Ye Lei (Supervising the Ministry of Supervision)

Vice President: Zhang Zhuohan;

Chairman of Academic committee of FTCMP: Wang You Jun

Director of finance: Yao Bing

Director of Public Relations Department: Yang Bo

Directors of Academic: Yin Hongchun, Zhou Jicheng, Zhou Huazhi,Sun Yun;

Director of Continuing Education Department: Zhou Hua Zhi;

Director sof the Organization Department: Zhao Xuejing (t: 07824631919),

Duo Xiuying;

Directors of the Supervision Department: Cao Xingling,Liu Bei Nan ;

Director of the Department of Academic Information Promotion: Zhou Ji Cheng