FTCMP Council

The members of the Council are elected by the general assembly for a term of two years. The FTCMP Council members can be re-elected upon election by general assembly. The resolution of the Council was passed by a simple majority. Each member holds one vote. The Council may formulate rules of procedure, financial rules, and “membership practice rules” as a supplement to the statutes in accordance with the work and management needs of the society.

The Council is composed of the President, Executive Vice President, Vice President, General Secretary, and Directors of each Department. It is the decision-making and executing board of this society.

The President serves as a legal representative and an external representation society (if necessary, the president may temporarily designate one of the council members to represent the society temporarily).

Chair: Professor Ma Boying;

Chair Assistant: Cai Lin Caroline (t:07886627224);


President: Chen Zanyu (t:07886421868);

Executive Vice President: Yuan Bingsheng (t: 07868363286);

General Secretary: Xi Ke Ying;

Vice President: Ye Lei (Supervising the Ministry of Supervision, Continuing Education Department);

Vice President: Zhang Zhuohan;

Deputy Secretary-General: Zhang Xin;


Director of Public Relations Department: Yao Bing

Directors of Academic: Yin Hongchun, Zhou Jicheng, Zhou Huazhi;

Director of Continuing Education Department: Zhou Bin;

Director sof the Organization Department: Zhao Xuejing (t: 07824631919), Duo Xiuxiu, Xu Guangwen;

Directors of the Supervision Department: Cao Xingling, He Xia;

Director of Development: Cai Lin

Director of Finance Department: Cai Lin

Prof. Boying Ma

Graduated from the Second Military Medical University of Shanghai Department of Naval Medicine; In 1978, he passed the national examination and became the first graduate student after the Cultural Revolution of the Chinese Academy of Traditional Chinese Medicine (now known as the Chinese Academy of Traditional Chinese Medicine). He received a master degree.

He is a member of the Chinese Medical Association, Chinese Association of Chinese Medicine, member of the Chinese Association of Chinese and Western Medicine. He served as the deputy director of the Shanghai Medical History Society. He taught at the Shanghai First Medical College (hereinafter referred to as the Shanghai Medical University, now the medical school of Fudan University) and reconstructed the Medical History Teaching and Research Office. He was the director and founded the school history exhibition hall. , Associate Professor, Professor, Member of the Academic Committee of the University, etc. He was also appointed as honorary member of the Expert Committee of Shanghai University of Traditional Chinese Medicine and Shanghai Institute of Traditional Chinese Medicine.

In 1985-88, at the invitation of Dr Joseph Needham (1900-1995) in 1993, he went to Cambridge, England, to collaborate with Dr. Needham and Dr. Lu Guizhen. He participated in the writing of “The History of Science and Technology in China”. The sixth volume of the medical volume was selected as the New Hall and Hughes Hall at the University of Cambridge and the Visiting Academician at the British Academy. It was included in the DICTIONARY International Biography Dictionary at the Cambridge International Biographical Center (CIVILIZASITION IN CHINA). OF INTERNATIONAL BIOGRAPHY) AND < MEN OF ACHIEVEMENT>.

Since 1995, he has practiced medicine and trained Chinese medicine doctors and graduate students in the U.K.

He was elected Life-Fellow of Royal Society of Medicine in 2005.

He was appointed Professor of Emeritus at the French University of Paris, Pobigny Medical School. The University of Cape Town awarded an honorary doctorate. Founding of the UK Graduate School of Xinglin Graduate School of Traditional Chinese Medicine, visiting professor at the University of Kingston, UK, consultant to the Confucius Institute of Chinese Medicine at South Bank University, Heilongjiang University of Chinese Medicine, Yunnan University of Traditional Chinese Medicine, Hunan University of Traditional Chinese Medicine, Nanjing University of Traditional Chinese Medicine, Beijing University of Traditional Chinese Medicine, etc. Visiting Professor, Honorary Visiting Professor, Chinese University of Hong Kong.

He is the chair of the Federation of Traditional Chinese Medicine Practitioner, and is currently the executive chairman of the All-China Federation of Chinese Medicine Experts, chairman of the British Association of Chinese Physicians, general counsel of the All-China Federation of Chinese Medicine, executive director of the World Federation of Chinese Medicine Societies, and a member of the World Federation of Teachers. Gautou’s first mentor, a consultant for the Chinese Overseas Chinese Unified Promotion Association of the Chinese, a consultant for the Chinese Traditional Culture Research Institute in the UK, a consultant for the Shanghai Shanghai Friendship Association and the Zhejiang Association.

马伯英教授,自号 一史斋斋主, 19431215日生于浙江东阳县怀鲁村. 1967年毕业于上海第二军医大学海军医学系; 文革期间自学中医, 以中西二法治民疾而医誉鹊起, 1978年经国家考试通过乃成为中医研究院(今称中国中医科学院)文革后首届研究生, 获硕士学位. 为中华医学会, 中华中医学会, 中国中西医结合学会会员. 曾任上海医史学会副主任委员. 1981年至上海第一医学院(后称上海医科大学, 现为复旦大学医学院)任教并复建医史教研室, 任主任并创办校史陈列馆. 历任讲师, 副教授, 教授, 校学术委员会委员等职. 并被聘为上海中医药大学及上海中医药研究院专家委员会名誉委员.

1985-88, 1993年二度应李约瑟博士(Dr Joseph Needham 1900-1995)之邀, 赴英国剑桥为李约瑟博士与鲁桂珍博士之合作者. 参与撰写<<中国科学技术史>>(SCIENCE & CIVILIZASITION IN CHINA)第六卷医学分册. 期间又被选为剑桥大学New HallHughes Hall两个学院及英国学术院访问院士, 入载剑桥国际传记中心之<<国际人物传记辞典>>(DICTIONARY OF INTERNATIONAL BIOGRAPHY) <<有成就人物>>(MEN OF ACHIEVEMENT).

1995年至今在英行医并培训中医师和研究生. 2005年获选英国皇家医学会终身院士(Life-Fellow of Royal Society of Medicine; 被法国巴黎大学波比尼医学院特聘为名誉教授; 南非开普顿大学授予名誉博士学位。 创建英国杏林中医研究生院并任院长, 为英国Kingston大学客座教授, 南岸大学孔子中医学院顾问,黑龙江中医药大学、云南中医学院、湖南中医药大学、南京中医药大学、北京中医药大学等之客座教授,香港中文大学荣誉客座教授。曾任全英中医药联合会主席, 现为全欧中医药专家联合会执行主席,英国中医师学会主席,全英中医药大联盟总顾问,世界中医药学会联合会主席团执行委员,世中联名师带高徒首批导师,全英华人华侨中国统一促进会顾问,英国中华传统文化研究院顾问,英国上海联谊会和浙江联谊会顾问等.

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Prof. Zanyu Chen

Zanyu Chen comes from a family with long history of Chinese Medicine and is whole heartily devoted to the traditional Chinese medicine, philosophy, and culture. He believes the traditional system of medicine does not only help the modern society to combat the diseases, but also gives great alternative solution for the modern challenges such as enviormentel crisis, to keep the Chinese Medicine in practice and develop has the great value of the modern era.

Zanyu Chen graduated from Beijing University of Chinese Medicine in 1992, obtained bachelor’s degree of medicine and lectured in BUCM for 8 years. As the president of FTCMP, chief editor of the Journey of Chinese Medicine in the UK, he believes the Chinese Medicine should not be dismembered, without the thoery of Chinese Medicine, acupuncture could not be the great healing art anymore. As the professor of Nanjing University of Chinese Medicine, he works passionately for passing the authentic medical system to the students, buildng up the bridge to connect the East and West, the modern and tradition

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