Prof. Ma Boying, Ph.D., FTCMP Chair

Prof. Ma Boying. Chair.

The Federation of Traditional Chinese Medicine Practitioners (FTCMP) was established in 2002 to help raise the banner of Traditional Chinese Medicine.

It’s purpose is to compete for the independent registration of Chinese physicians and to promote the very best of Chinese medical treatment. We have a responsibility to provide services to the majority of patients in the United Kingdom. Absolutely have the historical belief of Chinese civilisation and establish the direction of our efforts; rely on the theory of Chinese culture and cultural confidence to establish an exchange platform for Chinese and Western medicine.

This is our mission.

Chinese medicine is China’s original great scientific medical system. After more than 5,000 years of practice has proved that its theory is unique, significant effect. The great scientific medical system that can serve patients is unique in the history and status quo of the ancient and modern world. After they began to move toward the international community in the 1970s, they have increasingly been accepted by different countries and have received recognition and universal praise. Learning Chinese medicine and promoting Chinese medicine have become a wonderful work in the international medical community.

For this aim, the Association decided to intensify its efforts on the basis of the existing FTCMP network, deepen its efforts, deepen its connotation, and understand the profound things. It has introduced traditional Chinese medicines, acupuncture and massage and other specialty therapies to improve the practitioners of traditional Chinese medicine; they are interested in learning. Chinese medicine, understanding of Chinese medicine, understanding of Chinese medicine, and finding the way to entry We firmly believe that as long as we work hard, we will continue to progress and Chinese medicine will certainly benefit from the world.

The healer is all about understanding – Guo Yu

In order to run our network better, first and foremost, the principal needs a lot of effort. The planning and design of the layout, the richness of content and rootedness, and the vivid language make it possible to see the cultivation of the subjects and authors of TCM theory and the accumulation of experience.

We must not only good at the clinical practice but also treat different diseases with individualised diagnosis, treatment, and personal speciality. Guo yu said “The healer is all about understanding” . I say “The healer is all about thinking.” Good at thinking, there will be good ideas.
With good ideas, there will be a good solution. The doctor’s idea is like a dragon playing with a phoenix and swimming in the ocean of Chinese medicine. They make accurate diagnostic conclusions and find the best treatment guidelines and methods. The ancestors created the theoretical basis for us. We use traditional Chinese medicine theory to give acupuncture or traditional Chinese medicine prescriptions and methods according to the individual characteristics of patients, and finally implement treatment for patients. This is the core of TCM differentiation. Our network provides everyone with such a garden, publishes and exchanges experiences, learns from each other, and improves together.

People suffer from many illnesses but doctors suffer from lack of solutions – Sima Qian

Sima Qian said: “People suffer from many illnesses but doctors suffer from lack of solutions.” So Guo Yu and Sun Simiao advocate that doctors should be good at thinking inspiration and arrange their own tricks after practicing. The “Fang’s note” wrote: “There is no disease can not be treated in the world but there is doctor who is not good at treating it. There is no drug which is hardly to be replaced by others but there is doctor who does not good at use different herbs.” The Southern Song Dynasty Gynaecologists also follow these terms. Inheriting the ideology of our predecessors, advancing, innovating, and creating, and meeting them, is also the original intention of the establishment of the Institute’s network.
“Hua Yan Jing”: “We will never lose our hearts, as we have always been.”

With this message, I would like to begin the new FTCMP Website. May, 2018