Prof. Ma Boying, Ph.D., FTCMP Chair

The Federation of Traditional Chinese Medicine Practitioners (FTCMP) established in 2002 and raised the banner of the activation of traditional Chinese medicine. The purpose is to compete for the independent registration of Chinese physicians and promote the most distinctive Chinese medical treatment. We have a responsibility to provide services to the majority of patients in the United Kingdom. Absolutely have the historical belief of Chinese civilisation and establish the direction of our efforts; rely on the theory of Chinese culture and cultural confidence to establish an exchange platform for Chinese and Western medicine.

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TCM News and Events

2nd China-UK TCM Summit 2018

FTCMP is very please to announce our 2018, 2nd China-UK TCM Summit.  2nd China-UK TCM Summit 2018 12th August 2018 Venue: Oxford University Co-Host: Oxford Chinese Medicine Research Centre Committee of Appropriate Health Technology of Traditional Chinese Medicine (CATCM) UK Research & Development Centre for Chinese Traditional Culture (UKCTC) Special Guests: Phoenix Medical Ltd. Shulan College […]

Oxford University Meeting 2017

2017.09.10, FCTCMP Council and advisors visited Oxford University. Prof. Ma Yuling, the chief scientist of the Institute of Physiology of the Department in Oxford University, who represents the highest level of research in Chinese medicine in the United Kingdom, has given a detailed introduction to the process, ideas and current achievements of her research on […]