Oxford University Meeting 2017

2017.09.10, FCTCMP Council and advisors visited Oxford University. Prof. Ma Yuling, the chief scientist of the Institute of Physiology of the Department in Oxford University, who represents the highest level of research in Chinese medicine in the United Kingdom, has given a detailed introduction to the process, ideas and current achievements of her research on the creation of traditional Chinese medicine compound in Oxford University.\r\n\r\nAt the beginning of the meeting, FTCMP Chairman Prof. Ma Boying made a passionate speech and reviewed the development history of Chinese medicine ups and downs in the UK. He pointed out that the road opened by Prof. Ma was a great significance and was a milestone in the development of Chinese medicine in the UK. FTCMP Present Chen Zanyu presented the gift to Prof. Ma, his handwritten “Wuhua Tianbao”.\r\n\r\nDuring the one-day visit and meeting, our consultants and directors exchange views, share experiences, and gain full satisfaction in the atmosphere of fraternity and promise. They are full of confidence in the future of Chinese medicine study in the UK.\r\n\r\n