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Welcome to join us   🙂

FTCMP membership requirements:

1) Recognise the purpose of FTCMP, accept and agree to follow the constitutional regulations of FTCMP and related regulations.

2) 3600 school hours or more at a Chinese medicine education institution recognized by FTCMP Education Board for Education Committee; or 3 years or more of full-time education, a holder of a bachelor’s degree in Chinese medicine (including traditional Chinese medicine, acupuncture, massage, etc.), or equivalent academic qualifications, those who have passed the examination of the same academic level of professional abilities and have confirmed that they have the relevant practicing ability in accordance with the requirements of the Institute can become regular members of FTCMP after performing the admission procedures.
Exemption clause:
2.1) Bachelor graduation certificate holder, with degree certificates (if apply) and transcripts of tests from the educational institutions that accredited by FTMP Education Board.(Certificates cannot be recognised or checked from the issue school’s website or by the school’s administration department, need bring the issue school’s writing proven document (within 12 months) or the certificate proved by a lawyer in the UK.)
2.2) Members from other professional TCM bodies that recognised by FTCMP may be exempted from joining.

3) According to the professional education and the actual examination passed, the FULL or Special membership certificate is granted. 


Please contact Chair assistant Caroline Lin Cai for any help(t:07886627224)